Driver’s Licenses & Howard County Second DUIs

There are many repercussions that come attached with a second offense DUI in Howard County, including fines, potential jail time, and penalties against your license. With this in mind, a Howard County DUI lawyer can aid you in understanding the ramifications to your driver’s license following a second DUI offense, including potential ways you can fight a license suspension.

Impact of Second DUI Offense on Your License

After any DUI – first, second, third, or fourth a person’s driver license is always taken by the officer if it is a Maryland license. The person can face enhanced penalties with regards to the license itself.

After a second time conviction specifically, the person is sent notice by the MVA that there is an alcohol conviction and they have received points. The MVA will move to suspend the person’s license but the person always retains their rights to request a hearing. The hearing is in front of an administrative judge; the fee to request the hearing is $150. The person should have an attorney present to help to maintain their license with ignition interlock or with some form of restriction. The person does not want to have their license suspended or revoked for a long period of time.

Differences In Challenging a Suspension

The suspension itself can be challenged after a conviction. The attorney can claim that, other than a prior offense, there still exists a clean record. In addition, the person needs their vehicle to get to and from work, there was no accident, the person has been driving for a substantial period of time and complied with all the transportation article rules and regulations, the person is taking a substance abuse program, and the person will remain a sober driver. The attorney can demonstrate to the administrative judge that because of these reasons, the suspension should be reduced to something lesser.

Restricted Licenses After a Second DUI in Howard County

A person cannot apply for a restricted license. They can request for an administrative hearing in front of the administrative judge to make their case for a restricted license.

Getting Your License Back If Not Convicted

A person would already have their license back at that time. Licensing matters are separate from the court and administrative matters with regards to the license.

How An Attorney Can Help

If you are facing license penalties because of a second offense DUI charge it is important you consult with an experienced attorney to represent you at both the MVA and criminal proceedings. An attorney can look at the facts surrounding your case and help guide you through both the legal and administrative process. To learn more call and schedule a consultation today.