Howard County DUI Damage Control

After a person is involved in a DUI in Howard County, it is important that they say as little as possible, do as little as possible, and give as little information as possible for the purpose of damage control. Doing so will ultimately help their case and help a Howard County DUI attorney prepare a strong defense. Everything that a person does can ultimately assist their attorney in working toward an acquittal or at least keeping their record clean.

A DUI in the state of Maryland can only be expunged if a person is found not guilty and the case is dismissed, and probation before judgment stays forever instead of convictions. For this reason, it is very important that a person contacts a lawyer right away. Not only can an attorney investigate and compile evidence for a strong defense, but they can also do damage control for Howard County DUIs so the defendant has the opportunity for the best possible outcome. Howard County DUI damage control is a major component in these types of cases.


If a person is convicted of a DUI, the MVA is notified. Depending on the charge, a person can receive 8 to 12 points on their license, and they can face a suspension or revocation of their license privilege.

A person’s insurance company will also learn that the person was convicted of a DUI, which will negatively affect the person’s insurance rates. Insurance companies typically find driving under the influence to be one of the single most egregious offenses a person could have behind the wheel of a vehicle. Additionally, if the insurance company finds them to be an “at-risk” driver, they will charge the person as much money as they possibly can because they figure the person is a risk that will cause them money.

Talking to Insurance Companies

A big part of damage control in a Howard County DUI case is that an individual should not speak to their insurance company before talking to a lawyer. If they talk to their insurance company, the insurance company will generally record the person’s statements and a state attorney will subpoena that. They will now have an admission or they will have comments made by the person.

If the person were to then take it to trial and testify under oath and that recording differs from what their testimony is, then they are facing other penalties, such as perjury or contempt.

Contacting an Attorney

If this is a person’s first offense, an attorney can often work to get them probation before judgment. Probation before judgment means a person will not get points and it will not be reported to their insurance company, although the decision is ultimately up to the judge.

The state can make a recommendation and an attorney can make a recommendation, but the judge is not bound to those recommendations. They make the decision that they deem fit and they will give certain credits for hiring a counsel and for taking it seriously. If a person has also completed an alcohol assessment program, that will also benefit their case because it shows that they took their charges and case seriously.

A person should call a lawyer as soon as possible for not only helpful advice and defense, but to also show the judge of the case that they are taking their case seriously. A Howard County DUI lawyer is able to provide information and understanding that a person would typically miss on their own. An attorney can provide Howard County DUI damage control to a person’s case by advising them on what is appropriate to say and do. They have the defendant’s best interest in mind, and can provide them with guidance on what steps to take in order to reach an optimal outcome.