Frederick DUI Drug Lawyer

A defendant may be charged for driving under the influence in Frederick if there are legal or illegal drugs in their system that inhibits their ability to operate a motor vehicle. A Frederick DUI drug lawyer provides legal representation to motorists accused of violating laws prohibiting driving after consuming drugs. If you are facing charges, call a Frederick DUI attorney and work with a knowledgeable advocate to help you fight charges that could shape your future.

What Does a DUI Drug Lawyer in Frederick Do to Help Clients?

There are many reasons to work with a lawyer when you have been accused of operating a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs. A Frederick DUI drug lawyer can:

  • Review evidence against you to determine if it was collected illegally or if there were problems in the evidence handling. You can challenge toxicology reports and prevent them from being admitted or introduce doubt about their reliability.
  • Conduct an investigation into your case. You can present an alternative story to the court about what happened, in order to try to make the judge or jury doubt whether you actually broke any Maryland laws.
  • Fight to help you keep your driver’s license. Losing the right to drive can affect personal and professional obligations, but there are ways to fight to keep your license or get a hardship license.
  • Help you to determine whether to plead not guilty or to negotiate a plea deal.
  • Talk to a prosecutor on your behalf, or present a case on your behalf. Your attorney will bring legal experience and knowledge of the law to the table in negotiating a plea deal or presenting a DUI defense.

These are just a few of the many important ways a DUI drug attorney in Frederick can help defendants charged with a DUI drug crime in Maryland. You should not try to take on the case yourself, as the justice system can be confusing to navigate and the prosecutor seeking to imprison you is going to have lots of legal experience. You deserve to have an advocate who is on your side and who will try to make the law work for you.

DUI Drug Laws in Frederick

DUI charges are not just brought when a person is accused of being drunk. Maryland Vehicle Code Section 21-902  makes clear that it is illegal to drive any vehicle (including a car, truck, or boat), while “impaired by any drug, any combination of drugs, or a combination of one or more drugs and alcohol.” To be convicted, a defendant must be so impaired by the drug(s) that it is not possible for to drive safely.

The same statute also criminalizes driving while impaired by a controlled dangerous substance, as defined in the section of the Maryland code dealing with narcotics (Criminal Code Section 5-101). To be convicted under this portion of the statute, the prosecutor would need to prove the defendant was not entitled to have that substance under the laws of the state (i.e. that the defendant did not have a valid prescription).

Toxicology tests are some of the evidence most likely to be used in a DUI drug case, but prosecutors can also present eyewitness testimony as well.  A Frederick DUID attorney will try to undermine the evidence a prosecutor presents, or prevent it from being used if it was collected illegally.

Getting Help with a DUI Drug Case in Frederick

A Frederick DUI drug lawyer is available now to help you with your case if you have been arrested for driving while under the influence of any drug. Call today to schedule a consultation and learn more.

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