College Park DUID Defenses

A DUID offense can have serious implications and consequences in a person’s life. If someone is facing these charges, it is important that they understand the possible defenses available to them. Consulting with a College Park DUI drug lawyer can provide a great benefit in exploring the different defense options and determining the strongest DUID defense available in College Park, for that specific case.

Involuntary Intoxication Defense

Involuntary intoxication is a rare and difficult defense to prove. The most common drug to be taken involuntarily is one that could be slipped into a drink, commonly referred to as a date rape drug. If this drug is found in someone’s blood then involuntary intoxication could be argued as a defense.

Generally, however, involuntary intoxication is incredibly difficult to prove, because almost every scenario in which it could occur is very difficult to prove.

Unexpected Drug Interaction

Generally speaking, if someone takes a drug they should know its side effects or possible side effects, whether those side effects affects them immediately or not, because drugs come with warnings on them. Someone’s drug interaction may be more severe than expected, but it is reasonable to expect them not to take a drug while driving until they know how it will effect them. That way they will know if they can safely drive while on that drug.

It is true that the human body can change in an instant. Certain drugs can be adversely affected by a change in body temperature. Certain illnesses can also affect a body’s ability to break down a drug. For instance, liver issues or something to that effect can prevent a body from effectively breaking a drug down in the amount of time that it typically takes.

Increases in the acidity level of someone’s body due to some conditions can decrease a person’s body’s ability to break down some drugs. A typical eight hour breakdown period may extend to 12 or even 16 hours for them. However, even if someone’s body is losing its ability to break down a drug and remove it from their system in the standard time, this is very difficult to prove.

Previous Medical Conditions

If a person has treated medical conditions, it is very important to contact a lawyer if something goes wrong as a result of the medication and driving. This is will allow the individual to get a blood test done in a reasonable window of time, showing that it was an adverse reaction unknown to them, and that the cause was purely medical. In this specific situation they may have an involuntary intoxication defense. But that is a very specific situation, and it is still very difficult to prove.

Benefits of an Experienced Local DUI Lawyer

Being under the influence of drugs is incredibly difficult to prove, and generally a strong defense will be denying the use of drugs. A driver will know if they are using drugs. Just because a College Park police officer says he smelled something or saw a powdery substance does not mean that the driver was using it. Perhaps there were other people in the vehicle using drugs. Still, the officer is going to associate the odor with the driver. Someone facing these charges absolutely needs to get a lawyer right away. It is extremely important because DUI charges can have wide-ranging effects. They are criminal charges which can affect a person’s ability to drive, their ability to get a job, and their ability to get a mortgage or rent a home.

Mistakes to Avoid in a Drug DUI Case

Perhaps the biggest mistake a person can make when facing drug DUI charges is to talk too much. Officers love to ask questions and every time they ask a question it goes into their report, which can be used as evidence. The more someone talks, the more potentially incriminating information they will reveal. The police take their report and submit it to the State’s Attorney, who then goes to court with all the information that the driver revealed when talking to the officer. The driver may say things that they do not think are much of an issue, but they may become important later if the prosecution chooses to present them in court as evidence of a DUI offense.