Cecil County Robbery Lawyer

Since robbery is a crime that combines elements of two types of offenses, it is one of the most serious commonly seen crimes in Cecil County. While people typically think of robbery as basic theft, it could be punished much more severely because it may involve a property crime and a violent assault. Penalties could be harsh even if no one was harmed and no property was actually taken.

Anyone charged with robbery is advised to begin working with an experienced Cecil County robbery lawyer immediately. A skilled theft attorney could begin collecting evidence right away to build the strongest possible defense.

State Robbery Laws

While Maryland statutory laws defining robbery are somewhat vague, the penalties are spelled out quite clearly. Maryland Code, Criminal Law §3-402 states simply that a “person may not commit or attempt to commit robbery.” The statute further explains that those found in violation may be sentenced to 15 years in prison. An attempt to commit the offense may warrant the same penalty as completing the offense. Robbery differs from theft as there is typically coercion, intimidation, or force.

If someone commits or attempts to commit robbery “with” a dangerous weapon or by displaying a note professing to have a dangerous weapon, the offense becomes armed robbery and it could be penalized more severely under Maryland Code, Criminal Law §3-403. Those convicted may face up to 20 years in prison. Both robbery and armed robbery are classified as felony offenses. A Cecil County robbery attorney could help a person accused of this crime understand what laws authorities are claiming they broke.

Defining Robbery in Cecil County

The statutory section defining terms in Maryland Code, Criminal Law §3-401 specifies that in most instances, robbery “retains its judicially determined meaning.” To determine what conduct constitutes robbery, it may be necessary to look at previous court decisions.

These decisions may provide a definition of robbery in which each of the following elements must typically be proven:

  • Property or services of another were taken intentionally
  • The property had been held by another person on or near their body
  • The property was taken through the use of force or threatened use of force
  • The property was taken with the requisite intent

The Element of Intent

The prosecution must demonstrate that the property was taken with the intent to cause one of four different outcomes if they wish to prove a charge of robbery. The person taking action must either intend to permanently deprive the owner of the property, to deprive the owner for long enough that some of the value was appropriated, to hold the property for ransom, or to dispose of the property in a way that will make the owner unlikely to recover it.

Under this definition, grabbing a handbag from someone’s shoulder could be considered robbery if force was used in taking the bag and the bag was kept or thrown away. The owner may be unlikely to recover it in either case. An accomplished Cecil County robbery lawyer could challenge the prosecution’s claims that the defendant had the intent of committing robbery.

Reach Out to a Cecil County Robbery Attorney

A court’s finding of fact could make a tremendous difference in the outcome of a robbery case. Defense arguments could be raised to show lack of the required intent or lack of force or threatened use of force. To prove these arguments, it may be important to have the best possible evidence.

The process of collecting and preserving evidence could begin immediately after an event as feasible. If you are facing robbery charges, you could start working with an experienced Cecil County robbery lawyer now. Your attorney could help you protect your rights, advocate on your behalf at all stages of the proceedings, and work to create the best defensive strategy. For a free consultation, call today.