Annapolis Commercial Driver’s License DUI Lawyer

With regards to DUI cases, there is a distinction between what an individual would have as a regular driver’s license and a commercial driver’s license, commonly referred to as a CDL.  If a person has a CDL, it is specifically a license required for that person’s work. For this reason, there are significant penalties and consequences that will arise for any commercially licensed driver if they are facing charges or are convicted of a DUI.

Therefore, anyone facing charges of a DUI that holds a CDL in Maryland would benefit from the help of an Annapolis commercial driver’s license DUI attorney. An experienced DUI attorney in Annapolis will best be able to build a defense for their client and potentially mitigate the damage as much as possible.

Process of Charges

The first thing a commercial driver’s license DUI attorney in Annapolis will have to address when gathering evidence for their client is whether the person was driving that commercial vehicle at the time they were arrested. They will want to make certain the individual was not driving, because the law changes with regards to what level their blood alcohol content was.

If an individual was not driving their commercial vehicle, but rather a  non-commercial vehicle, the consequences are going to be the same as if it were a commercial vehicle. The consequences will be more detrimental if the person has a commercial driver’s license, and particularly if that person was driving that particular vehicle while charged with a DUI.

Regardless of what a person is charged with, they are innocent until proven guilty. If a person is accused of driving under the influence while operating a vehicle, be it work or non-work related and they carry a commercial driver’s license, they should not have any adverse effects against their license as an innocent person. If a person is convicted, the distinction of what can happen to their license depends on how the conviction results.

Consequences of a DUI

A commercial license is going to be different in terms of consequences. Probation before judgment is a positive thing if the person has a regular license. For commercial driver’s license, probation before judgment is the equivalent of a conviction. If a person is charged with a DUI drug offense or alcohol-related offenses, or CDS related offenses, in concert with the DUI, the person is going to lose their CDL license.

If a person is convicted after a DUI charge, they may not immediately lose their commercial driver’s license, and even if a person gets a probation before judgment, they have to understand that is no different than a conviction. The automatic loss of a commercial driver’s license is something that a person has to expect when facing a DUI. DUIs charges can be controlled, so long as individuals get the help of an Annapolis CDL DUI attorney who is experienced in these exact cases, and helps anyone facing charges to understand their rights.