Will Maryland Criminal Charges Affect My Security Clearance?

It seems more and more professions require security clearance with each passing year. It is a status demanded by the times we live in, people are more fearful for their safety in general. The result is increased security measures. When it comes to security and employment, it does not matter if you’re considering joining the military, or looking for a job with the federal government- certain positions call for certain levels of clearance.

Criminal Records and Security Clearance

Criminal Security Clearance ViolationsUnfortunately, getting such clearance is difficult in Maryland when a DUI or other criminal charge is on your record. But a criminal history doesn’t necessarily spell the end of your professional goals. A lawyer with experience in security clearance and Maryland criminal charges can be key to reducing the impact a charge or conviction has on your future.

Getting security clearance can be a tedious and difficult process in itself. Lengthy applications and paperwork must be completed. In addition to what you might voluntarily disclose, potential employers usually do some investigating into your past. If they find Maryland criminal charges in your record, this can have an impact on their decision to grant you clearance. If this sounds like the situation that you find yourself in, you need help from a Maryland security clearance lawyer with our firm.

How an Attorney can Help Protect Your Security Clearance

Certain attorneys routinely deal with Maryland criminal charges. These attorneys understand that your legal history does not make you a dangerous person, nor a security risk. Skilled legal representatives can advocate for your clearance by helping you navigate the legal system. They can also assist you in understanding the clearance rules and regulations of potential employers. The ultimate result depends on your desired clearance level and previous criminal convictions. They could have no impact on your position in an organization, or they could be disastrous.

Seth Okin advocates for numerous clients in these situations, and he is more than willing to do the same for you. Seth Okin and his associates know that each case is different; their experience with varying Maryland criminal charges means they know how to launch a full investigation of your options. This is how they help you to get the most advantageous outcome possible.

Security Clearance Appeals Process

Certain agencies or employers retain strict guidelines about their security clearance. This may mean you’re unable to initially get the position you desire, even with legal help. But many of these employers also have an appeals process. This process gives you a chance to get just treatment and hopefully, a fair decision made.

If your job requires you to get security clearance, and you have committed a crime that could potentially put that clearance in jeopardy, it is necessary that you contact an attorney that can help you understand the charges you face. If your potential livelihood is on the line, you need to secure representation that will pursue your defense aggressively. Please contact us today to begin building a defense strategy.

Consequences of Criminal Charges

There are a lot of penalties that will be associated with a criminal conviction, and those are certainly serious and require your complete attention. But they are not the only negative aspects of a trial. Even just a charge could have some negative effects on your employment and other aspects of your personal life. Some attorneys will work with you during the trial and then leave you to deal with the complexities it has caused on your everyday life. Our attorneys don’t stop working for you when your case has reached its resolution. We make sure that the case has as little of an impact on your life as possible, including a lot of implications that do not involve the courtroom. We will stand with you as you work to regain any aspect of your personal life that might have been damaged during a charge or conviction. Contact us today for more information about the services we provide.

Seth Okin is familiar with how appeals can be used to mitigate the disadvantages of Maryland criminal charges. Let him help you with this part of the process, or any other hurdle you cannot overcome on your own.