Thank You for All the Hard Work

I was leaving my office and going through a green light, when out of no where a vehicle collided with me, and T-Boned me. Police were called by bystanders and they immediately said it was my fault. It was completely not, and the police sided with the guy that hit me. I was cited three different tickets … about 3 points each and about a thousand dollars. I needed a great attorney that could prove in court … that I was not guilty. My mother helped me out by interviewing a couple candidates. She called three people, and we decided to go with Seth because he had the most positive reviews, and he gave the best consultation. I was not let down. Seth explained everything to me, and helped me through the court process. We met with the Judge and the police officer who cited me. Seth was extremely prepared and helpful. I was found NOT GUILTY of all charges. This was amazing for me, and It saved me thousands of dollars down the road. I was also able to file a lawsuit against the person who hit me since he was at fault and he injured me during the accident. I would highly recommend Seth Okin as the best attorney in town. Thank you for all the hard work Seth.