How Do I Find the Best Maryland Criminal Lawyer for Me?

How to Select the Best Maryland Criminal Lawyer for Myself?In a criminal case, your choice of an attorney is never one you should make lightly. Given that the possible penalties for a guilty verdict range from stiff fines to incarceration to a permanent criminal record, you should have confidence in your attorney’s ability to guide you to a favorable result. If you have any questions for an attorney, please contact Seth Okin Attorney at Law today. In truth, there is no best criminal lawyer for every case. The best Maryland criminal attorney is the one who is well-suited to your needs. However, below we look at some important factors that you can examine to help you decide on the lawyer you believe is right for your case.


Finding the Best Criminal Lawyer in Maryland for MeWhen you are choosing an attorney, you should have faith that he or she will be able to understand your particular case. While intelligence and know-how are important for any lawyer, even the finest law school education cannot fully prepare an attorney to take on state prosecutors and spearhead a client’s defense against criminal charges. That level of insight comes only through the experience of having handled and won cases in that area of the law. In particular, it is usually beneficial to have an attorney with experience on the other side of the court, who has worked in the past to prosecute cases in your jurisdiction. That attorney will likely know exactly what the state will need to sustain a conviction, and will be able to marshal the strongest possible defense for his or her clients.


No two cases are identical, but you want to retain an attorney with a good track record in cases similar to yours. Laudatory reviews from the lawyer’s previous clients, and favorable peer ratings from panels and websites composed of fellow attorneys, are indicative of a legal representative who has the capability to fight successfully for you.


When deciding on an attorney, price often comes into play; however, picking a lawyer exclusively because he or she offers the lowest rate is rarely advisable. If paying less money means that you end up with substandard legal representation, the trade-off is never a good one. The consequences of a possible conviction are far too severe to take such a risk.

At the same time, however, a quality attorney will understand that defense against criminal charges is almost always an unplanned expense. A battle against criminal charges can be emotionally draining even without additional stress related to money. A good lawyer will be willing to offer you options, such as a free initial consultation or a long-term payment plan, that will help to take the financial cost of legal representation off of your list of immediate worries. Whatever attorney you pick should have your trust both as a lawyer and as a professional, which means that all through the case, he or she should be upfront about the services that will be provided and the fees that will be charged.

Finding a Maryland Criminal Lawyer Right For You

It is easy to find a Maryland criminal attorney qualified to represent you. However, putting in the effort to find a lawyer with the right combination of knowledge, experience and legal prowess can make all the difference in determining what outcome is ultimately reached.