Carroll County Prescription Drug Lawyer

Criminal prescription drug offenses can be just as serious as any other criminal offense. These offenses are the most serious when a police officer catches the offender in possession of a prescription drug that a health care provider did not lawfully prescribe them.

Any other activity which the accused undertakes while under the influence of a prescription drug, such as disorderly conduct, driving, or assault (any degree), could result in additional charges and penalties. This is true even if a doctor validly prescribes the drug at issue.

If you are facing a prescription drug charge in Carroll County, Maryland an experienced Carroll County prescription drug lawyer might be able to assist. A skilled defense lawyer could review the facts of your case and the circumstances of your arrest and could help you build a strong defense to assert in court.

Basis for a Prescription Drug Arrest

Prescription drug arrests are a priority in Carroll County. People can and should possess prescription drugs lawfully if they have a medical condition (and if a health care provider has lawfully prescribed them the drug). However, the actions and behaviors that can result from being under the influence of prescription drugs can be a danger to the community – as well as to the user.

Consumers must use their prescription drug in accordance with the medication instructions and must abide by all of the medication warnings on prescription drug labels. When users fail to do so, they could be criminally responsible for their actions while they are under the influence of these medications, and they could be subject to arrest.

Being under the influence of a prescription drug is very similar to being under the influence of alcohol. Individuals who drink responsibly – or who use their prescription drugs responsibly – are not committing an offense. However, if they act irresponsibly, such as by driving, they could be criminally responsible for the consequences and subject to arrest.

A Carroll County prescription drug lawyer can review the circumstances behind an arrest and determine if a legal basis for challenging the arrest might exist.

Evidence in a Prescription Drug Case

At a criminal trial that involves unlawful use or possession of a prescription drug, a Carroll County prescription drug attorney, along with the state prosecutor, will most likely move to admit certain evidence. The evidence will typically pertain to one of the following categories:

  • Whether a health care provider lawfully prescribed the drug at issue
  • Whether the accused was under the influence of a prescription drug at the time the alleged activity occurred
  • The specific activity that resulted from the accused possessing or using the prescription drug at issue

Evidence of a prescription, as well as eyewitness testimony, could be useful when it comes to arguing a defense in a prescription drug case.

Possible Defenses for Criminal Prescription Drug Cases

A Carroll County prescription drug lawyer could also build a legal defense to a prescription drug charge and advocate that defense in court. For example, a lawyer could allege that a police officer or investigator obtained certain evidence (including the drug itself) in violation of the accused’s Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable searches and seizures.

A defense lawyer might also be able to argue that by obtaining certain statements, the State violated the accused’s right against self-incrimination under the Fifth Amendment.

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Prescription drug convictions can lead to probation, fines, and jail time. Consequently, when you go to court, you want an experienced defense attorney in your corner representing you.

Call a Carroll County prescription drug lawyer today for help formulating a strong legal defense to your criminal drug charge.