One of the Greatest, if not the Best Lawyer I have come across

Late this summer 2017 I got a speeding ticket in regards to unsafe lane changing and reckless driving on the new ICC connecter by exit 8. There were two vehicles blocking me from making an exit towards Olney exit 8, when I got the chance to break away a un uniformed police officer pulled me over and sited me reckless driving, unsafe lane changing and going over the speed limit. I thought it was a bit unfair as the cop was behind me and saw how the two cars in front me blocked me from making my exit. I contacted Seth Russell Okin a defense lawyer about the case and he promised me he would take care of it. This is the second time Seth Okins has helped me in a traffic case and I am very grateful and appreciative of his great work excellent customer service. My case was dropped with zero charges and fines. The amazing thing was that I did not appear at court as Seth told me he would represent me. I highly recommend Seth Okins one of the greatest if not the best lawyer I have come across with.