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Possession with Intent to Distribute (PWID) Heroin

After discussion with the state, client agreed to a plea to count 2 (CDS possession heroin – max 4yrs/$25k fine). Substantial mitigation before the Judge, to which she agreed to 2 years ALL suspended, 2 years supervised probation. Modification motion filed and to be considered upon completion or probation for the guilty finding to be […]


Client charged with DUI, DWI and several jailable and payable traffic citation after a 2-car accident. Substantial conversation with the State and witnesses, officers and the State dropped all jailable charges (DUI/DWI) and client was granted Probation Before Judgement to negligent driving – no points and no fine, only court costs. The client was thrilled!

Hit and Run

After a conversation with the officer and State, put us in a position for a deal for an exchange of information on any damages and a certified check for that amount, in exchange for a STET to Nolle Pros for next available court date to complete the exchange and compliance of the Nolle Pros. No points, […]


Case entered STET, general conditions and a stay away from the store were enacted. The results made the client thrilled beyond words and upon compliance the matter was Nolle Pros’d, then expunged.

Assault on a Police Officer, Public Intoxication, Disorderly Conduct

With an extensive criminal history and pending matters before the District Court, this was a very delicate matter. The client pleaded to and amended count of disorderly conduct after extensive conversation with the state. All other charges Nolle Pros’d. After substantial mitigation, the client received 30 days concurrent with previous 60 days sentence from another […]

Domestic Violence and Malicious Destruction of Property

Charge was reduced to STET, the only condition was to complete anger management and a Nolle Pros would be entered. This matter will ultimately be expunged. The client still has a clean record and this was all determined by the first call of the docket

Possession with Intent to Distribute (PWID) Heroin

All Charges STET after successful cooperation with the state.

Indecent Exposure

After reviewing all evidence and posturing for trial, matter was Nolle Pros’d by the State due to credibility of witness and inconsistencies in police report.


ALL charges dropped at initial appearance after substantial inconsistencies in MP report and video from alleged offense.

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