Maryland Drug Lawyer

A misdemeanor or felony drug conviction can have a lasting negative impact on your life. In Maryland, possession alone can lead to four (4) years in prison and $25,000 in fines. Legal consequences of distribution, manufacture, and trafficking are even more severe. If you have been arrested for a drug crime in Maryland, consult a Maryland drug lawyer as soon as possible to protect your constitutional rights. A qualified attorney will explain your legal options and begin building your defense.

The state of Maryland has extensive laws about possession and sale of drugs that vary greatly depending on the type of narcotic that is involved with the case. For example, the penalties related to marijuana possession will vary greatly from the penalties that would be assessed to somebody that is in possession of a prescription.

The penalties will also vary significantly depending on the amount of the prohibited item the person is in possession of, if they are considered to have intent to sell that item, or if there are some other related items found on the person of the accused.

There are also penalties associated with bringing prohibited items into the state of Maryland, which means that you could be facing serious penalties and fines even if you are only traveling through the State of Maryland and your final destination is elsewhere. With all of these various rules about what constitutes a drug related crime in Maryland, it is imperative that you contact a qualified and knowledgeable attorney who can help you understand the severity of the charges that you face.

Seth Okin, an experienced Maryland criminal lawyer, has an office in Howard County and represents clients facing drug charges in the Baltimore and Washington areas. As an attorney, he has the knowledge and resources to build a defense against all criminal offenses, including misdemeanors such as first offense marijuana possession and felony drug crimes such as possession with intent to distribute, distribution, and manufacture of a controlled dangerous substance (CDS). Possible defenses to Maryland drug charges include illegal search and illegally obtained evidence, arranging a plea to a reduced charge, or negotiating sentencing options such as probation before judgment, which can allow the defendant to eventually have the charge expunged from their record.

If you are charged with a drug offense in Howard County, a judge will hear your case at either the Howard County District Courthouse of Maryland, located at 3451 Courthouse Road in Ellicott City, or the Circuit Court for Howard County, located at 8360 Court Avenue in Ellicott City.

Because there are so many types of illegal narcotics, and the penalties associated with each one vary so greatly depending on the nature of the crime and a series of other factors, it can be difficult to understand the charge you are facing and just how serious the penalties will be if you are in fact convicted. The best way to get a strong understanding of your case and all of its unique complexities is to contact an attorney and schedule a free consultation. At that initial meeting, you will be able to ask them any questions you might have about your case, and they will do their best to make sure that you are as well informed as possible moving forward. They will also be able to advise you about possible defense strategies in your case and help you decide about the best way to move forward. If you are facing a drug charge, or if you feel like the prosecutors are gathering evidence against you in an effort to eventually bring a case to trial, don’t hesitate. Call us today to speak to a qualified attorney who will be able to help you handle these charges, and any inconveniences they may create in your life.

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